This Weird Flashlight is Actually a 3-in-1 Survival Tool 

by Brody Stevens | December 1, 2017

“Conquer every emergency situation and survive the woods with TrustyCharge.”

TrustyCharge outdoors

TrustyCharge is a flashlight, radio and power bank all in one. You can have a bright LED light to send signals or light your path, stay tuned to the news on the radio and charge your gadgets. TrustyCharge is handy and convenient tool to have in case of an emergency or if you’re into hiking and camping.

We cannot always predict when disaster strikes which is why it is important to be ready at all times. Expect the unexpected. Every household must have a well packed emergency kit which includes our basic needs which is food and water. It must also contain an arsenal of survival tools such as flashlight, radio, batteries. Now you might think that you need 3 different items for these 3 very different purposes. But you can find all these in.


TrustyCharge product image


TrustyCharge is a multi-purpose survival tool suitable for all types of emergency situations. You can use it as a flashlight, radio or as an emergency power source for your other gadgets. And by performing 3 of your survival needs, you won’t need to buy 3 separate items. TrustyCharge is lightweight and does not take up too much space to leave some room for your other valuables.



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TrustyCharge can be used as a flashlight. It has 3 LED light bulbs which has a reach of over 250 meters. TrustyCharge uses LED because it is brighter and does not drain the battery as much as fluorescent light bulbs. It is also shockproof and does not overheat even with hours of continuous use. That is why TrustyCharge is guaranteed to be long lasting and durable.



TrustyCharge can be used as a digital radio. It has great reception and can receive broadcasts in AM, FM and from NOAA weather stations. The unit comes with an extendable antenna so you can receive signals even when you’re in a remote area and stay updated during a trip or natural disaster. You can adjust the volume on the speakers as well or switch to listening via earphones. Beside the USB port is a headphone jack if you want to listen on your own or discreetly.



When there’s an emergency like a blackout or when you have no means of other means of power, it is important to have a contingency plan. Batteries and other power banks can drain easily but not TrustyCharge. It’s useful in charging your Smartphone, tablet and other gadgets wherever because it can self-charge. Just plug the cable into the USB port. TrustyCharge supports charging for iOs and Android devices.


TrustyCharge survival device

It is capable of withstanding the harsh weather conditions outdoors. This device was designed to be waterproof, shockproof and dirt resistant. You can drop it from a great height or use it during a rain storm without worries of causing damage. TrustyCharge is extremely durable. And not only does it have multiple uses, it also has multiple methods of charging.


TrustyCharge powerbank charge your devices


TrustyCharge stores a maximum of 1000 mAh worth of power. You can charge it electronically using the micro USB cable it comes with. Connect it to an adaptor, desktop or laptop. You can have 30 minutes of radio use and more than an hour of flashlight when fully charged.


Another way of charging is by using the hand crank. By just cranking it for two minutes you can have 15 minutes of radio or 30 minutes of flashlight. A nice feature when there’s blackout of if you’re in the middle of the woods and there’s no outlet.


TrustyCharge has built in solar plates. You can leave it out under the sun for it to charge. During that time you can have unlimited time for radio use. After solar charging, you can get 30 minutes of radio use and about 50 minutes of flashlight.


TrustyCharge has everything you would need for emergency situations. As a radio, it has very clear reception. The LED flashlight is bright and waterproof. As power bank though, it needs to be charged several times because it only has a capacity of 1000 mAh. But considering that you can charge it in multiple ways and on its own, this is not a big issue.

You do get a lot of benefits with TrustyCharge. It’s less expensive than buying 3 items and less bulky too. It can fit in your hand and because it has a wristband, it’s convenient to carry around and not accidentally drop.

Overall, TrustyCharge is a great multi-purpose survival tool that’s long lasting and durable. It’s a perfect addition to your emergency kit and camping gear.

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1. What do you get when you order TrustyCharge?

When you order, you get TrustyCharge (radio, flashlight and power bank), a Micro USB cable, a Smartphone USB cable, and wristband.

2. If there’s no adaptor, how can I charge it electronically?

You may provide your own adaptor or plug the cable to a desktop or laptop.

3. How much power can it store?

It can store a total of 1000 mAh of power.

4. Does it work for apple devices?

Yes, it supports charging for devices with iOs and Android systems.

5. Can I use my own cable?

Yes, you may use the cables provided with it or use your own to connect to your phone.

6. Does it come in another color?

It is only available in red.

7. How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time will depend on the final destination of the product. Packages may arrive as early as two weeks.



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